Heavenly Bundle Features

Heavenly Bundle Slings are made with you and your baby in mind. The Heavenly Bundle Sling is a pouch- like, non-adjustable carrier that is worn over your body on one shoulder and rests on or above your opposite hip for comfort. With a wide selection of fabrics to choose from and your beautiful baby inside, your new sling truly becomes the most gorgeous accessory you will own!

Heavenly Bundles are comfortable, fashion forward, versatile and affordable. You will find that a pouch-like carrier is one of the simplest baby carriers to learn to use. It is wonderful for both parents. Dads find pouch-like carriers less intimidating and are more encouraged to give it a try because of these simple features.

Heavenly Bundle slings make life a bit easier: your hands are free, and you can enjoy doing what you always did with the comfort of having your baby close to your heart! You will not miss a beat: your child is always with you! How heavenly is that:

Heavenly Bundle comes in 8 sizes, so you feel like you are getting a custom fitted pouch. The pouch is measured from top to bottom of longest rail of sling (at the seam). For example, size 26 means that the sling measures 26 inches from top to bottom.

Each Heavenly Bundle is crafted with utmost care and can support the weight of a newborn to a 35lb toddler.

Each Heavenly Bundle sling is made with quality cotton prints and cotton solids

Washing instructions are easy: wash with cold water and air dry or you can tumble dry on low for about 10 min.

Some features include non-bulky leg padding/cushion in all slings for those cute little toddler legs in a hip carry, and the cushion is also great for smaller infants as a head cushion. Each sling has a toy loop.

Heavenly Bundles have a neat inner pocket with a flap so nothing falls out!

Heavenly Bundles have a tie at the seam that is used to neatly roll up your pouch when not in use. It rolls up compactly and rolling up your sling creates less wrinkles. Your baby sling can easily fit inside your purse.

Almost all Heavenly Bundle Slings are reversible.

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